Mount philo

Our trip to mount philo was really fun we hiked up the trail and when we got to the top we played games took pictures and and ate lunch after we did every thing we went back on the bus and I sat with Freddy and Jack we played games and then we got to school and it was time to go so then I went home. 

all about me

Hi my name is Galen and I love soccer I play for a club called black watch I play fortnite in my spare time. I have a trampoline a pool and a basketball court. I have a lot of pets I have 16 chickens and a bird and dog and cat. I have a lot of common interests I have a lot of best friends Freddie, Sawyer, Aidan, Jackson, Jack, Kaleb, Sanel. My favorite thing to do with my family go places. So if you have anything in common comment.